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"Mentorship, especially through Diversity in Dentistry, gives you that opportunity to be guided in the right way."

Luma Chenyi, Dental Student


Mentorship Program

If you are interested in being mentored, please sign-up for our next webinar or complete the form below to be added to our Mentee emails.  Our next 'One-on-One Matching Cycle' will take place in February 2024.

Learn how rewarding a career in dentistry can be! Mentoring, educational experiences, hands-on programming, scholarships and more, give students a best-in-class introduction to dental technology and curriculum. Shadowing experiences and guidance also help mentees to stay on the right educational track to becoming strong, ideal candidates for dental school.
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Phase 1 - Research and Planning (24-19 months from Dental School); Phase 2 – Preparing for and taking DAT (18-13 months from Dental School); Phase 3 – Applying and Interviewing (12-7 months from Dental School); Phase 4 – Waiting or Accepted (6-1 months from Dental School); Dental Student