Mentorship Webinar: DAT Study Methods

Dive into effective DAT Study Methods with us! Watch our mentorship webinar tailored to help you excel in the Dental Admission Test. Unlock valuable insights, tips, and resources for success on your DAT journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your preparation!

Moderated by DIDM VP & student Dr. Luma Chenyi. The panelist consists of UCLA students, D3 Iman Evans, D3 Cristal Landa, D3 Livier Mora, and D1 Marie Nguyen.




0:00 DAT Study Methods Introduction
04:24 What did you used to study and how has it helped you so far?
14:56 What is your study schedule like?
15:48 Make a schedule that works with your work ethic and learning style.
17:29 Did you stick to your schedule?
22:43 Recreate the environment and pace of the test for practice tests.
23:35 Mental maps
25:29 How to gauge you’re prepared before taking the exam
26:23 DAT boot camp groups on FB have advices that are good and some not good
28:05 Got family member to help study
29:41 Trust gut feeling if you’re ready to test or not
32:31 Come up with little strategies for the test
35:44 Review sheet, affirmation, and a way to calm down for when you feel overwhelmed
38:18 What scores to aim for?
45:24 How can you transfer your study methods for DAT to dental school?
50:40 It takes 3 months to retake DAT
53:35 Time management for the DAT and how to transfer it to dental school?

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