Mentorship Webinar: Dental School Budgeting

Join us for a crucial webinar on Dental School Budgeting! Learn essential financial management skills tailored for aspiring dentists from diverse backgrounds. Don’t miss out on this invaluable mentorship opportunity! Moderated by DIDM VP & student Dr. Luma Chenyi.

View the video on YouTube HERE or below:



0:00 Dental School Budgeting introduction
04:02 Failing to plan is planning to fail
04:12 Setting goals for the year
04:21 What you need to pay for
07:06 Cost of the DAT’s
8:46 Cost of boot camp
9:06 Central application system
11:38 Dental school interviews
13:40 Deposits when accepted to save space in class
14:32 Cost of being closer to campus to study
14:44 Costs of housing
14:49 Costs of supplies school recommends or requires
15:53 Cost of scrubs
16:13 Other Membership fees for organizations and conferences
18:31 DAT planning and saving for school
20:26 Challenges of saving money for school
22:15 Relying on loans and taking on debt before dental school
25:18 Don’t let debt discourage you
26:26 The loan is a bet on yourself
27:26 Be very strategic in where you apply to increase odds of getting in
29:15 Get feedback on application from admissions office
39:01 Decide how many schools you could reasonably apply to determine how much to save
39:51 Look at interest rates of loan vs credit card
40:19 Apply for any scholarship you can before and after getting into dental school
44:03 Plan your budget every year 12 months in advance
44:32 Understand how you’re going to manage money when working as a dentist
47:00 Decide how many gap years is enough
48:25 Too many gap years can hurt your chances
52:00 Are you studying enough for the DAT?
54:12 When to stop studying and take practice tests instead
1:01:52 Do DAT scores expire?