Mentorship Webinar: Dental School Funding

Discover the roadmap to making Dental School dreams a reality with our Mentorship Webinar: Dental School Funding! Dive into our story with Dr. Benton, Dr. Worrell, Dr. Jones, and other leading dental experts, uncovering tips and tricks to accessing funding and resources vital for a thriving dental education. #FundingYourDentalFuture #DentalSchoolSuccess #WeDIDitSoCanYou #MentorsForTheMovement #DentalSchool #DIDM #diversityindentistry



Our moderator is Dr. Dentonio Worrell. Our panelists are Dr. Kim Benton, Dr. Brandon Jones, and other guest speakers such as Dr. Turner, Dr. Glavash, and Dr. Glavash.

Dr. Kim Benton, raised in San Francisco, is a Meharry Medical College graduate practicing general dentistry three days a week. She joined the University of the Pacific’s faculty, later earning an MPH from Capella University. Appointed Director of the Pacific Health Care Collaborative, she emphasizes diabetes’s oral health connection, presenting widely and advocating prevention and screenings. Passionate about spreading awareness, she urges proactive measures against Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr. Dentonio Worrell, born in Brooklyn and raised in Barbados, pursued dentistry after graduating in Mathematics and Statistics. His US Army service led to specialization in Endodontics, earning board certification in 2012. A leader in dental education and practice, he commands the US Army Dental Health Activity in Hawaii, mentors at Scofield Barracks, and actively contributes to various dental associations. Dr. Worrell, devoted to family and diverse interests, enjoys travel, hiking, investing, and volunteering.

Dr. Brandon Jones, a U.S. Army Officer, earned his Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2007 before obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Marquette University in 2012. With an impressive military career, including deployments and various certifications, he’s board-certified by the American Board of General Dentistry and an active member of professional dental associations. His dedication extends beyond dentistry to fitness, sports, and cherished time with loved ones.

Destiny Khalil is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She has worked for the Indian Health Service Scholarship Program since 2017. She also coordinates the IHS Externship program.

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0:00 Dental School Funding Webinar

03:29 LendingTree funding information and statistics

06:19 Dr. Benton and the University of Pacific School of Dentistry’s new accelerated program to decrease debt

08:31 Details about University of Pacific School of Dentistry’s programs

10:54 Dr. Jones and the Army HBS, scholarships

19:12 Military scholarships

24:40 Miss Malinda Turner, director of Student Success and Engagement at Pacific Northwest University School of Dental Medicine

27:36 Opportunities for underserved communities

28:40 International dentist program?

30:32 How soon should I start looking for scholarships?

31:58 Apply to all, even small scholarships; they add up

34:03 The schools I am interested in do not have any scholarships listed, what are my options?

37:19 I heard scholarships such as Health Service Corps are too competitive, should I bother to apply?

38:38 The school I’m interested in is not very expensive. Is it worth joining the military?

41:54 Best way to save money while in dental school

45:59 Should you save money living at home?

47:07 Jobs at school to earn money

49:17 How come some people are getting accepted with scholarships? How did they apply for it?

50:05 Age limit for the military

51:16 What are your thoughts on scholarship negotiation/leveraging?

54:09 Do 23andMe or other DNA test; apply for all scholarships applicable based on ethnicity

56:19 What is the committee looking for in applicants for the HPSP scholarship?

1:00:38 Deadline for applicants to apply for scholarships?

1:01:41 Can international students apply for the HPSB? 

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