Mentorship Webinar: Study Style: How to Pivot from Undergrad to Dental School

🦷 Ready to take the leap from undergrad to dental school? 🎓 In this month’s Mentorship Webinar video, we’ll share invaluable tips and insights on how to transition your study style effectively to excel in dental school. From mastering challenging coursework to acing those dental admissions exams, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned to discover the study strategies and techniques that will help you succeed on your journey to becoming a future dentist! 🌟 #DentalSchoolPrep #StudyTips #AcademicSuccess


0:00 Mentorship Webinar: Study Style

6:55 Visual or auditory learner

8:50 Study methods

10:23 Dental school like drinking from a fire hose

12:23 Time management apps or tools

13:41 How to tackle the practicle/hands-on components

16:56 Strategies to manage stress and avoid burnout

18:48 Balance between studying and personal life

20:54 Pursuing specializations

24:30 Strategies used to tackle different types of test questions effectively

26:14 Techniques or habits adopted to ensure long-term retention of information learned

28:20 The panelists share their top tips

52:36 Parting words

Dr. Niekia M. Franklin holds a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Baylor College of Dentistry, where she ranked third in her class. She also completed a Pediatric Dentistry Residency and earned a Master of Science in Dentistry from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Known for her commitment to community service, Dr. Franklin has been actively involved in various organizations, such as Give Kids a Smile and the Special Olympics. She has also served as an educator and mentor, sharing her expertise with students and aspiring dentists. With a passion for pediatric dental care, she continues to make a positive impact on the dental health of children.

Jasmine Rafaela Gray, is a candidate for her Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Her remarkable journey is defined by her role as President of the Hispanic Student Dental Association, where she champions inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. Simultaneously, as the Vice President of the Class of 2026 at Howard University College of Dentistry, she seamlessly merges academic prowess with hands-on experience. Notably, Dr. Gray’s leadership extends to her position as Chair of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at ASDA District 3, reaffirming her commitment to a diverse and harmonious dental community.

Lester Gopar is a D3 dental student, and a dental digital creator on Instagram. As a UCLA School of Dentistry class of 2025 student, he enjoys sharing educational dental visuals. Lester’s content help the audience see dentistry through the lens of a dentist. Check his instagram: @lestergopar.dentistry.