DIDM SPOTLIGHT: DIDM Mentor of the Year

Diversity in Dentistry Mentorship, Inc. is proud to present the inaugural Mentor of the Year award to…. Dr. Dentonio Worrell, DDS! @dentonioworrell

Dr. Worrell has been an amazing mentor, enthusiastically guiding the next generation of dental professionals. You dedication does not go unnoticed, and your mentorship is invaluable! Thank you, Dr. Worrell!


1st DIDM Mentor of the Year Award


DIDM also recognizes these honorable mentions as Mentors of the Year Runner-Ups:

Dr. Leo Rouse
Dr. Joshua Golden @thegoldendentist
Dr. Rose Amable @dra.roseamable
Dr. Nicole Erazo @nerazo_

Thank you for your inspiring mentorship! DIDM is proud to have you as part of our mission of increasing diversity and representation in dentistry.


1st DIDM Mentor of the Year Runner-ups

To become a mentor, sign up here or send us an email at [email protected]!

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