Mentorship Webinar: Being and Becoming Your Best – Emotional Health and Well Being as a Dental Student

As future dental professionals, let’s remember that our mental and emotional health are just as vital as our clinical skills. A resilient mind ensures a bright smile, both inside and out. Prioritize mental well-being for dental students! The demands of dental school can be overwhelming, but your emotional health matters too. Finding balance and self-care can lead to a successful and fulfilling journey in dentistry. Discover how to prioritize Emotional Health and Well Being on your journey to becoming the best dental student you can be. Don’t miss out on this transformative webinar!

Moderating our November Webinar is Dr. ArNelle Wright, a seasoned General Dentist, who is also a strong advocate of collaboration and empowerment within the dental team. With a passion for efficient systems and seamless patient experiences, Dr. Wright is committed to delivering quality, conservative patient care. Her expertise extends beyond dentistry, as she is a skilled presenter and communicator, with a knack for explaining and following up on treatment plans.

Beyond the dental chair, Dr. Wright is a sought-after public speaker, sharing insights on leadership, personal growth, and development. With a commitment to both oral health and personal development, she is a dedicated professional who inspires both patients and peers.

Joining us also as panelists are Jasmine Perry, D3 at Tufts University, and Esi Adadzewah, D2 at UCLA: Jasmine is a second lieutenant in the Army and mom. She is passionate about anesthesiology and plan to pursue residency after graduation. She is a member of the Admissions Committee and a pre-dental mentor. She loves helping students achieve their dreams like someone did for her. “We all can make it.”

Esi is currently a second year student at UCLA and is interested in pursuing an OMFS residency after she graduates. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be in such an amazing field and gain the skills to better serve her community. She places a large emphasis on work-life balance for herself and even hold several positions on campus that advocate for the wellness of dental students. She is passionate about inspiring and educating incoming dental students and love to hear everybody’s interest in the field and how they will change it for the better with their individual strengths.

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0:00 Being and Becoming Your Best: Emotional Health and Well Being as a Dental Student Webinar

10:00 What were some surprises/stressors you’ve experienced in dental school that impacted your mental/emotional health?

12:18 Time Management as a Stressor 14:05 What are the tools/strategies that you use to head off these stressors?

19:07 Dental school culture

22:26 What is your mental best look like and if you use affirmations or anything, how do what do you use like as a guide for this journey of emotional health and well-being so?

27:59 What does resiliency, courage, and bravery look like to you?

33:29 Have you struggled with any feelings of belonging, and if so, how did you overcome?

38:54 What is your favorite thing about yourself on this journey in dental school/how did you get to this point?

41:54 Importance of Mentorship 42:06 Mentor-mentee relationships breed community

43:00 How has those mentor-mentee relationships helped either of you with your community.

50:16 How do you celebrate things or take time?

51:39 So looking back from now that you’re a dentist, key take aways as a dental student.

56:38 Tips to share.

1:01:16 Be intentional, mental management, and find your champion/mentor.


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