Mentorship Webinar: Narrowing Your Dental School List

Chart Your Course to Dental School: Navigating the Selection Process

Are you facing the challenge of narrowing down your dental school choices? Look no further! Dive into our online mentorship webinar event, carefully designed for individuals navigating the intricate process of narrowing their dental school list. Whether you’re a prospective applicant or seeking guidance to refine your choices, this event is your compass to confidently navigate the path to your dream dental school.

Moderated by DIDM’s VP, sDr. Luma Chenyi and dental student panelists: D1 Brittany Baidoo, incoming D1 Linda Benson, D1 Amaka Okafor, and incoming D1 Savannah Ndungu.

🔍 Key Highlights:

🎯 Strategic Decision-Making: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned mentors who have successfully navigated the dental school selection process. Gain insights into strategic decision-making, factors to consider, and personalized advice to help you narrow down your list effectively.

🔗 Online Resources: Explore a wealth of online resources and tools designed to assist you in the meticulous process of narrowing your dental school list. Our mentors will guide you in evaluating factors such as program offerings, culture, and location to make informed decisions.

Join us for a webinar that transcends uncertainties, providing you with mentorship and insights to confidently navigate the process of narrowing your dental school list. Let’s chart the course to your dream dental school together!

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0:00 Introductions
05:00 When did you start narrowing down your school list once you decided that you’re going to dental school?
09:49 One thing about your school choices, what will it be? If you could do something again, what would it be?
13:46 How do you get the unfiltered opinion from the schools or from the students?
19:13 If someone is reaching out to you as a dental student, what questions do you think they should ask that will really make you feel like you need to give them the honest answer?
25:52 If money was not an issue, what other criteria would you use to narrow down your school list? What should you look for?
35:50 How do you handle the weekend?
44:09 Do you have any other resources that you can share?

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