Mentorship Webinar: Personal Statement

Tune into our Personal Statement Workshop webinar! Crafting the perfect narrative for your dental school journey starts here. With dental school applications right around the corner, now’s the time to perfect your personal statement.

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0:00 Introductions of panelists

4:22 Include your passion toward dentistry

8:06 Advice on how to find that unique angle in your story

11:41 How to talk about the things you’re proud of without coming across as conceited?

15:49 How much of the topic of resilience and overcoming should be included in the personal statement?

20:06 What are some pitfalls people should not do but they still do it?

23:31 Advice on gap years

29:25 How to address weaknesses like applying for the third time?

33:35 Advice for getting a second set of eyes to read your statement

38:50 How do you think is the best way to start writing? How to begin?

40:34 How long does it take to write a personal statement?

42:56 How many hours to spend a day on personal statement?

45:44 What should my attention be focused on? Passing the DAT or getting a good score on it, or write a killer personal statement?

49:07 What if I’m bad at taking exams but I know what I’m doing?

53:01 Imposter Syndrome

54:02 Do you think that the admissions team will focus on the amount of time spent during the particular experience?